Ignite 2013

The Broadcast Education Association put a call out for innovative teaching ideas, which would be showcased in a session titled Ignite. Mine was one of ten to be chosen this time around. I recorded the audio with my iPhone and added it to my slides.


3 thoughts on “Ignite 2013

  1. What software will you use next time if not Power Point? I’m not a huge fan either, but wonder what software all students will have access to? Unless they worked on this in a lab where you knew they all had Keynote or something?

    Thanks for sharing. This looks like a great assignment. I taught a Learning Community course this fall and we worked on design skills a bit since they are supposed to learn skills to help them in their college career. The message about using only public domain or cc-images didn’t really go through unfortunately.

    • If possible, I would rather use keynote because it exports better to quicktime. That takes care of the audio/video problem.
      However, it’s not always possible, as students might rather use their own computers to put these presentations together, and they have powerpoint on them.

      One alternative would be to use powerpoint, export the whole presentation as a png or jpg file, and then insert each slide into a video editing program, such as iMovie.

      A third option, which I have yet to try, might be using storify. One of the people at ignite recommended it, and I would certainly like to try it out to see if it gets the job done.

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